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Add "Sync now" button/icon to top-level of Settings


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Currently in order to trigger synchronization, one has to:
- open the menu
- click on settings
- open sync prefs
- finally, tap "Sync now".

Desktop exposes this as a top-level button under the main menu.
For reference, iOS has one less step:
- open the menu
- open settings
- tap "Sync now"

I think adding this button to our top-level Settings, is a good first step; it should help expose Sync a bit better, make it easier for users to sync their data manually, and make us a little more consistent with other platforms as well.

See attachment for proposed placement.
I think it can go in the app bar instead. Right at the Top right, where the overflow icon is.

To start, maybe even having it as an item in the overflow menu makes the most sense.
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Sounds good to me.

Are there any Photon design refreshes happening on Android? I know the iOS menus will be changing a lot.
Not for menus, IIRC, but Anthony can correct me here. Bunch of top-level UI is changing/changed for Photon, yes.
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Re-triaging per

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