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If I visit the main page for my locale I see Contributors, Bugs and Info without a number.

When I click on the Bugs tab for example, I see the number of bugs and it stays there when I go to the other tabs.

Would it be possible to show the numbers in the tabs when the page is first loaded? Then, after the click the tabs could be populated. For Bugs particularly it would be nice to see the number right away.

The behaviour seems to be already implemented: if I go directly to then Projects tab (and only that one) shows the number of projects, and loads them when I click on it.
We currently only show the number for the Projects and the Info tab, because these numbers are cheap (we can get them fast). Similarly, we show the number for Teams and Resources in the Project and Localization Dashboards.

Getting numbers for Bugs and Contributors is a little bit more expensive, because the former requires an API call to the external service (BugZilla), and the latter is very slow. That said, I believe we should still give this a try after bug 1357361 is fixed, because having these numbers should save users a bunch of clicks. We should even consider preloading content for all tabs in background once the requested tab is loaded.

Note, behaviour should be the same on Team, Project and Localization Dashboards, e.g.:
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