height of sanitize dialog is strangely affected by expanding the list of options

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3 months ago
In the Tools->Clear recent history dialog. If you expand the list of options via the arrow button, then close it and reopen again, you get high empty space below the lost of options. The dialog is not resized correctly.

Notice Firefox has the same bug (in History menu).
If FF has the same bug, we should report it there or ask Richard.
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3 months ago
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So my proposal is to only expand the dialog when the preferences list is shown. When it is collapsed, the list is only hidden, but dialog not shrunken.
This also applies to the "Everything" value in the time range list.
Please play with this a bit.
If the list of preferences is shown and the dialog closed, upon reopen the list is shown again.
This new version still has a bug that if the list is not shown but the dialog is reopened, the space for the list is already allocated. (Notice Firefox does not persist the closed state.)
This wasn't the case before the patch. So just tell me if this is the right direction and I should continue hunting that bug :)
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At least on Windows, the dialog doesn't expand when I the first time open the list or I select "Everything". This makes the list/buttons move out of the dialog.

So the old dialog works better for me as I always can access all elements, also when it looks weird after some manipulations.

Have you also changed the default from "Everything" to "Last Hour"?

What about make the dialog a fixed height to show the menulist, the listbox and the buttons. The listbox can be hidden but the dialog soesn't shrink. When "Everything" is chosen and the user hovers over the "Clear now" button the warning is shown as a popup.
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Yes, FX is affected too and I think I saw a bug but can't find it now.
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Bug 1383592 is about some spacing issues where the buttons move off the panel.
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