Sending a file from spam to inbox doesn't work as expected



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Steps to reproduce:

I have a file in my Local Folders Trash folder and it's not spam so I want to place it in my inbox. When I copy the file to the inbox one of the files already in the inbox is copied and renamed with the name of a file that's already in the Inbox. 

Actual results:

I've tried putting a star on the file in the Trash folder but I'm getting the same thing. If I copy and paste, the file is returned to the Spam folder. If I cut and paste, I frequently lose the file completely and I'm unable to recover it.

Expected results:

The file should appear in the Inbox folder, and I should not see an existing file renamed and the file should not be returned to the Trash folder.


2 months ago
Group: mail-core-security
Sorry, I don't understand the report. Folders hold messages, not files. Thunderbird has no "copy file" operation. Usually messages are moved by dragging them to the desired folder, but there are other ways to move/copy them, for example the right-click menu.

There certainly is no "copy/paste" or "cut/paste".

Comment 2

2 months ago
Clearly the method of copying is Copy To, Move To and Move to Inbox again. Thinking outside the square is a very good skill to have, but clearly we're not all blessed with the ability of being able to think outside of the box. I think that Copy to and Copy are close enough to give anybody a 'hint' of what you need to do and can be found by right clicking on the email.

Comment 3

2 months ago
Nicholas, the confusion comes from your use of the term "file" in comment 0.  The proper term is "message".

What you describe can happen if you have a message filter that puts the message into the spam folder
I can think outside the box, but your report simply makes no sense.

I can substitute "file" with "message", "copy/paste" with "copy", but I simply don't have enough imagination to interpret "I should not see an existing file *renamed*". There isn't anything that would resemble a file system rename operation in TB since messages have no names.

Reporter: You should file reports in the clearest possible way and not as mind training exercise for TB developers who have very little time.

Otherwise, it's as Wayne said, this sounds like a filter/rule at work, much like bug 1399008.
Last Resolved: 2 months ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1399008

Comment 5

2 months ago
For file read message or whatever you want to call it. Seems like you live in a black and white world where everything has to be named precisely; fortunately I don't. The problem is that when I right click on a message/file/whatever and pick copy to a local folder such as Inbox, what I'm getting is a copy of an existing message that's already in the Inbox (always the last message present which is essentially a file)that's 'renamed' to the source messages Content (name). So if I have a message in the trash that has the Content (name) 'Bug Report' and the last file in my inbox has the content (name) 'This is how it's done,' then right clicking the Trash message and sending a copy to my inbox, what I get is a file with the Content (name) 'Bug Report' but when I open it, it has the same message  (content) as the message 'This is how it's done.' i.e. I have two files in my Inbox with the same text but different content names. I don't think that's to difficult to understand - essentially two messages with different Content names but the same text when opened.
I've also experience bug 1399008 but can't see that I have any special filter/rules applied that would cause the bug I'm seeing.
You are right, we live in a world where true or false, right or wrong, cannot always be determined, the world has many shades of grey, there is mostly no black and white. However, there are some areas where you have clear definitions and terminology and using the correct definitions helps communication greatly.

What you're referring to is the message subject and it has taken us up to comment #5 to clarify your report :-(

So you are saying that you have two messages in your inbox, one got there by moving it from elsewhere, both with the same content but different subject, so they appear to be different messages.

This sounds like serious corruption and you should repair the folders involved: Right-click, Properties, Repair Folder.

BTW, I assume that we're talking about an IMAP account here, right?

Comment 7

2 months ago
Reporter, you mention several times the term "Local Folder". Are you you referring to a folder inside your imap (or possibly pop) account(s) or are you referring to thunderbird's "Local Folders" that are typically listed below all of your imap  and pop accounts? I think you mean "Local Folder" as TB's copy of the remote imap server's folders in your account(s). Is that right? Just want to make sure.

Anyhow, please report back if repairing your folders fixes this problem. If it does, my question above is probably moot.

Also, you mention about emails being "returned" to Spam and Trash folders. This sounds similar to bug 1399008, which has not yet been 100% determined to be caused by filter rules or spam handling.
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