When a new platform is found do not follow defaults

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3 months ago
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(Reporter: armenzg, Assigned: MikeLing)





3 months ago
Sometimes a new platform is added to be run (e.g. stylo jobs).

Now, when a new job is detected by SETA we give it a 2 week grace period in which we run it on every push.

However, for new platforms, they add too much load at once, thus, we desire to run them on every 5th push.

Unfortunately, this requires manual intervention:
where we remove the expiration data and set the priority to 5 (e.g. bug 1386668).

A way to know if a job should not have the two week grace period is by checking if the job priority already has a job with such platform name. If we don't have that platform we should not set an expiration date and set the priority to 5.

A place to start looking at the code would be here:


3 months ago
Assignee: nobody → sabergeass
Duplicate of this bug: 1395169
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