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Disable the DataTransfer::Protected state for Firefox 57


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1. be on, logged in
2. drop an image into the window

get upload dialog


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(Note, this reproduces for me on OSX, I didn't test other platforms)

[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

drag and drop functionality broken for
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Assignee: nobody → michael
Flags: needinfo?(michael)
Summary: Drag & drop image upload broken on → Disable the DataTransfer::Protected state for Firefox 57
This isn't a super essential feature, and is just a change to try to bring us in
line with chromium and the spec. As this has apparent web compat issues, and
DataTransfer is a hard to test area, this patch moves the changes behind a pref,
which we can come back to turning on after we ship 57.
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Attachment #8906734 - Flags: review?(amarchesini) → review+
I should add a note - the original problem here is that while Chrome does something very close to what I was trying to do with my patches, there was one small difference which caused irccloud's drag and drop code to break.

Namely, if you ran code like the following:

function ondrop(evt) {
    let f = evt.dataTransfer.files;
    setTimeout(() => {
    }, 0);

in chrome, the `files` list is just disconnected from the DataTransfer, and never cleared, while my code actually clears the list. I think the spec expects it to act more like how my code works, but I'll have to look into it more in the future if we decide to pref this on again.
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Disable the DataTransfer::Protected state for Firefox 57, r=baku
Closed: 2 years ago
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