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Fix the argument to SpeciesConstructor


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because I didn't spot in while reviewing bug 1386534.

And make two easy performance improvements for Promise.all/race.
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We may not be able to skip the creation of the resolving functions, but we can still skip creating the GetCapabilitiesExecutor function for the common case when the constructor argument is the built-in Promise constructor in Promise.race/all.

I've changed the arguments of CreateResolvingFunctions from Value types to Object types, so it's more easy to directly call this function from the new CreatePromiseWithDefaultResolutionFunctions method. 

And I've also changed the GetProperty(...) calls to no longer go through the Interpreter's GetProperty(...) function, because that allows us to skip this code [1].

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Huh, yes. Thank you!
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Very nice! This is indeed an easy perf win that I hadn't thought of.

Given that we're solidly in the stabilization phase for 57, I think it'd be good to split this into a new bug and land it after the 57 branch, but still land part 1 here in time for 57.
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Drop "Part 1" from commit message, part 2 will be handled in bug 1401508. No change in behaviour, therefore carrying r+ from Till.
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Part 2 gets moved to bug 1401508.
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Pass correct argument to SpeciesConstructor call. r=till
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