"mach buildsymbols" has to download symbols for local artifact builds



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When building Firefox locally via the artifact build, it is not possible to build the build symbols, because the command returns immediately.

To be able to get crashes analyzed it would be great, if this command could download the buildsymbols, and make those available locally.

Chris, how complicated would that be to get implemented?
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--enable-artifact-build-symbols in a mozconfig will download the symbols along with the build during the build step. Is that sufficient for your purposes?
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That would download the symbols each time I run `mach build`?

I actually barely need them so only downloading them on-demand would be great. Otherwise the mozconfig would have to be updated each time. But maybe if that is possible way faster than a complete implementation for sure.
It should download the symbols each time you download new binaries, which shouldn't be too bad.
If we've already got this implemented in the form of `--enable-artifact-build-symbols` then it shouldn't be too hard to wire it up so that `mach buildsymbols` just reuses that code to do it on-demand. Currently `mach buildsymbols` just shells out to make, but we could have it detect that it's in an artifact build and do the right thing.


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