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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Major lockups in the content process from CC or GC.

I don't have STR but my one content process is pegged near 100% CPU making pages/tabs in that process respond super slowly e.g. with 5 second delays upon link clicks.

PID 16383 ["Content (4 of 5)"  of the profile] is pegged near 100% CPU


57.0a1 (2017-09-12) (64-bit) built from
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Sample of NightlyCP Web Content 20171012
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Screen Shot of memory usage

Here is a screenshot of memory usage. I also attached a private attachment of my anonymized memory report. I also tried to save a CC + GC log but I only got "incomplete" or empty logs for the PID in question e.g. incomplete-gc-edges.16383.1505247455

I can send them to someone if they're useful.
The hanging process isn't included in the memory report. (which is expected) It is possible, just based on the symptoms, that you are getting a lot of ghost windows (bug 1397062) and that's causing GC/CC to take a really long time. The good news is there's a fix for that on inbound. Without better steps to reproduce this will be hard to investigate.
jld has been seeing similar symptoms. If the two of you could periodically check, before things get catastrophically bad, in about:memory to see if you have ghost windows, that would be helpful.


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This sounds bad, tentatively tracking for 57.
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The profile shows this spending all of its time in CC so moving to the XPCOM component.
Component: JavaScript: GC → XPCOM

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10 months ago
Matt, can you check with a Nightly with in it, to see if that solves your problem?  If so, I think this is just a duplicate of bug 1398671.
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I'm on 56, so it's probably not bug 1398671 if I understand correctly, and I think my bug is different for other reasons: it doesn't lock up as the previous comments describe, but the time for a full CC cycle in the content process exceeds kMaxICCDuration so there's multi-second jank every so often when it finishes the collection uninterruptibly.  In particular, I can get a full GC/CC log, at least in “concise” mode — and in one case the concise CC log was >700 MiB.
I didn't see this again recently
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