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toolkit/locales/en-US/chrome/global/ doesn't look like other properties files and could use a good tidying.
For reference:

There are a few steps here, and it's basically what I did for aboutTelemetry.dtd recently:
1) Reorganize the strings in a more logical order, for example grouping together strings that appear together in the UI.
2) Avoid unnecessary blank lines. It's OK to separate a group of keys, not great to have a blank line after every key.
3) Use the common format for localization comments

#1 also helps finding unused strings, add comments where strings could benefit from one, and identify localization issues.

I'm happy to give it a pass.
Assignee: nobody → francesco.lodolo
Seem unused:
* chrome-hangs-title
* captured-stacks-title
* late-writes-title
(In reply to Francesco Lodolo [:flod] from comment #2)
> Seem unused:
> * chrome-hangs-title
> * captured-stacks-title
> * late-writes-title

Never mind, the string ID is generated automatically (from bug 838164).
Blocks: 1399511
There are no removed strings, only reordering and comment format.

I double checked in Atom by ordering lines alphabetically, removing empty lines and comments, and comparing file content before and after.

I didn't find any unused string, but a few issues (filing as blocked by this bug).
Blocks: 1399750
Blocks: 1399752
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Bug 1399456 - Clean up (reorganize content, comments format)

Consistency is reason enough. Thank you for your efforts!
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Clean up (reorganize content, comments format) r=chutten
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> -# Note to translators:
> -# - %1$S will be replaced by brandFullName
> -# - %2$S will be replaced with the value of the toolkit.telemetry.server_owner preference
> +# LOCALIZATION NOTE(pageSubtitle):
> +# - %1$S is replaced by brandFullName
> +# - %2$S is replaced by the value of the toolkit.telemetry.server_owner preference
>  pageSubtitle = This page shows the information about performance, hardware, usage and customizations collected by Telemetry. This information is submitted to %1$S to help improve %2$S.

Is it only me or placeholders should be reverted?
Indeed, I reformatted the existing comment and didn't notice they were inverted.
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