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"About" page should mention new members of the SeaMonkey Council "frg", "rsx11m" und "ewong". Also other changes should be integrated into the page.

Supporters Wiki Page <> already has become updated.
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Please assign this issue to my name.

sorry didn't your request. This is something we need to do ourself. But keep up the good work on the other parts fo the website.
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r+ from IanN via email.
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I will push the first version of the council update page later. If you want to add additional information, be added, removed, changed or mangled please send me the text or add a patch.
Updated and now visible:

All: Please check for missing or incorrect information.
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::: src/about.en.html
@@ +71,5 @@
> +    <dd>ewong took over from Callek as the Release Engineer for SeaMonkey.
> +        He is doing the releases and working on the Build Config area
> +        in the SeaMonkey Code. When not doing this he is setting up the new
> +        Microsoft Azure based SeaMonkey infrastructure outside of the Mozilla
> +        realm.</dd>

Please do remove the "When not doing this..." part.  It really doesn't belong to this page.

@@ +83,5 @@
> +    <dd>rsx11m does development and support work. He is mostly doing
> +        development in the preferences and mail/news sections of SeaMonkey.</dd>
> +</dl>
> +
> +<h3 id="formercouncil">SeaMonkey former Council members</h3>

Should be "Council Members Emeriti"

@@ +122,5 @@
>          involved in all SeaMonkey related development for years.</dd>
>    <dt id="Callek">Justin Wood (Callek) - release engineer</dt>
>      <dd>Justin has been working on Mozilla since early 2003, he is currently
>          the Release Engineer for SeaMonkey. When not doing releases he is also

As a constant advisor, Callek should be placed in an Advisory position as he has been advising me.
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ewong take a look at this one.
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Also please remove "project coordinator" form my stance. You can probably put a sentence into the text like "He served as project coordinator until 2011" or similar, if you want to preserve that information.
Thanks KaiRo. Updated.
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r+ with that nit fixed.

::: src/about.en.html
@@ +74,5 @@
>    <dt id="ewong">Edmund Wong (ewong) - release engineer</dt>
>      <dd>ewong took over from Callek as the Release Engineer for SeaMonkey.
>          He is doing the releases and working on the Build Config area
> +        in the SeaMonkey Code. He is also maintaining the Microsoft Azure
> +        based SeaMonkey infrastructure.</dd>

Actually, what I meant was that that last sentence isn't necessary.
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