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Get browser_aboutHome.js passing on both about:homes with activity stream or not


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Firefox 57
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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1396274 +++

Some stuff will probably need to be skipped and others fixed
I split out the imitation test which actually runs fine with activity stream, and it doesn't leak. But now it's leaking about:addons:

Potentially there's something leaky when enabling and disabling about:home activity stream? But only intermittently? 2 of 20 win32 debug non-e10s.

I also split out every single search test and search_suggestions is still timing out, so trying request longer for just that one test:

Trying again by skipping that intermittent leak, longer timeout, as well as skipping bug 1395602:
Assignee: nobody → edilee
search_suggestion was still timing out (1 in 20) after various increases in requested longer timeouts on linux32/64 opt so just skipping

search_composing was also timing out (1 in 80) on linux32 opt only so far.. so just skipping

Latest set of test splitting and skipping:
Still waiting on mac but my try and mozreview try look good:

Feel free to autoland if it's good. (And if export bug 1399607 is good too)
Looks like your try from yesterday with the combined aboutHome_search tests with request(2) are timing out 1 in 16:

In particular they seem to timeout at "composing"

Not sure what that will mean for the split up tests in this patch. Maybe will need to skip _composing for osx too. Will check this in the morning:
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Bug 1399648 - Get browser_aboutHome.js passing on both about:homes with activity stream or not.

Patch looks good, let's just wait on the finished try run to see if the search test still timeouts on Mac before we land it. Thanks!
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With 7 of 20 mac opt, 1 of 20 mac debug, 1 of 20 mac opt no stylo, 3 of 20 mac debug no stylo timing out for browser_aboutHome_search_suggestion.js. I guess we'll just skip the test for now. Could possibly requestLongerTimeout(4) as it did before, but there's contentSearch tests that are running.
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Get browser_aboutHome.js passing on both about:homes with activity stream or not. r=ursula
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