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Run reftest-stylo jobs on inbound, too.


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Bug 1399461 is a near-permafailing reftest-stylo job that started on inbound. Inbound is not included in the repos that reftest-stylo currently run on. 

I think that was decided because these jobs were originally tier-2 and could theoretically only break via a landing from servo, which only happens on autoland, so these jobs were only enabled on autoland, m-c and try.

These tests can clearly break from stuff landing on inbound, so we should probably have these jobs running on inbound also.

We should probably also make sure other stylo jobs aren't being restricted from running on inbound.

If capacity issues are going to be a problem, is there a way to run these jobs less frequently on inbound, but still have them scheduled to run occasionally to ease backfilling?
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Per!msg/ , stylo became the default ("on mozilla-central" at least), as of September 5th. (via bug 1330412)

So I'd thought that *all* test runs are now "stylo" flavored, and we now have accessory "stylo-disabled" test platforms as well.  Is that not the case on inbound?
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reftest-stylo is strange beast that (despite its name) actually runs Stylo vs. Gecko mode, as opposed to the typical test vs. reference in the same engine.

So, it runs both Gecko and Stylo style systems for comparison purposes.

This special run only happens for autoland, m-c, and try at the moment:
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Aha, thanks for clarifying!
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Bug 1399742 - Use default branch list for reftest-stylo.

glad we are making this 100% complete- lets ship Stylo!!!
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Use default branch list for reftest-stylo. r=jmaher
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