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uBlock Origin stops pages from loading and hang up the process in charge of extension?


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Steps to reproduce:

Use ublock origin 1.14.8?  
It happens randomly so i dont't know.

Actual results:

A few weeks ago Nightly started to get stuck on loading websites, the gui works fine but when I enter a address it won't call it and it won't show anything loading in the status bar(lover left corner). Stuff like about:config will still load.  

When it gets stuck one content process will always stay at ~50% : and some addons would not load(ublock, undo close tab button).
If i use task manager to kill the content process that stays at 50% everything will resume loading but ublock and other extensions would end up broken during that session, here is snoozetabs:, here is ublock: and the ads would load.

Sometimes it will get unstuck if i disable ublock, sometimes if i disable another extension(I was disabling extensions one by one every 5 seconds and waiting to see if the websites starts loading, so the issue might still be ublock, it's just there is a delay until the loading resumes)

My extension: Firefox Notes v1.7.1, Kee v2.0.0.5, Mouse Gesture Events v1.5, snoozetabs v1.0.20, Test Pilot v2.0.2-dev-1c11ce2, uBlock Origin v1.14.8, Undo Close Tab Button v1.3, Testpilot containers v3.1.0.
Os: Windows 10 pro, insider build 16281, now on 16288..

I think the issue is ublock but I'm not quit sure since it happens randomly. I'm gonna disable ublock and see if i get this issue again.   

Here are some crashes, the only way to trigger a crash report when the browser is stuck and the content process is at 50% is by killing it or closing the browser:

Why this happens, I thought the switch to webextension would protect the browser from buggy extensions..
Couldn't edit the report: 
This is what happens with the extensions when the content process is stuck at 50%, addons would not load..
It's not ublock. Had the content process at 50% again and the pages would load. So when this happens it brakes ublock which results in sites not loading..
After a few days of testing, the KeeFox webextension seems to be the culprit.
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Keywords: crash
Based on comment 3.
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