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Put pdbstr.exe in tooltool for Windows builds


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We use pdbstr.exe during symbol dumping to put a source server stream into our PDB files. It comes with the Debugging Tools for Windows, which has sometimes been rolled into the Windows SDK.

I think it's pretty standalone, so we should just stick it into tooltool and fetch it from there.
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Bug 1400354 - Fix JarWriter usage;
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Bug 1400354 - Include pdbstr.exe in toolchain archive;

::: build/
(Diff revision 1)
>      {
>          'pattern': 'bin/x64/**',
>      },
>      {
> +        'pattern': 'Debuggers/x64/srcsrv/**',

We probably don't really need anything else here, tbh.
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Bug 1400354 - Upgrade Visual Studio 2015 toolchain;
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Bug 1400354 - Use pdbstr from toolchain archive

::: toolkit/crashreporter/tools/
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>          stream_output_path = os.path.abspath(streamFilename)
>          # Call SourceIndex to create the .stream file
>          result = SourceIndex(sourceFileStream, stream_output_path, vcs_root)
>          if self.copy_debug:
> -            pdbstr_path = os.environ.get("PDBSTR_PATH")
> -            pdbstr = os.path.normpath(pdbstr_path)
> +            subprocess.check_call(
> +                ["pdbstr.exe", "-w", "-p:" + os.path.basename(debug_file),

Unfortunately this will fail for local developer builds that haven't munged `PATH` appropriately. You might need to add a check to moz.configure to locate pdbstr.exe and then you could check `if buildconfig.substs['PDBSTR']` here.

If you do that, you should make the configure check fail if `MOZ_AUTOMATION` is set and pdbstr is not found, so that we don't accidentally break source server indexing in automation.

It's OK to not have pdbstr for local builds, since all we use it for is inserting source server indexing into the PDB files, which is only really needed in builds that we ship.
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