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Increase the size of the run-time stack for the thread that runs the frame constructor on Fennec/Aarch64


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Currently, Fennec on Aarch64 has enough stack space for the frame constructor to deal with 380 nested display: blocks. This is insufficient for getting compatibility with Chrome's handling of deeply-nested HTML, which requires the frame constructor to be able to deal with a depth of 513 + plus some. (Fennec on 32-bit ARM can now do 597, so my current plan is to make "513 plus some" equal 590 on Android even though I'm aiming for 1026, i.e. 513*2, on desktop Linux.)

Ideally, Fennec would set the max stack size to desktopish numbers. (8 MB on desktop Linux for the main thread.)
Blocks: 256180
Blocks: Fennec-ARM64
No longer blocks: arm64-ion
Where might I find the code that creates the Gecko main thread on Android?
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Hardware: Other → ARM64
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