Servo pull requests should get linked to bugs if they mention them in the PR body



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Currently when a Servo PR is merged it gets an hg commit containing the PR title/body as a commit message. In many cases, it is the servo side of a Gecko bug (often the Gecko bug does not have any Gecko-side landing work attached to it).

This means that landing a pure servo commit will not close a bug, or even get linked to automatically (and you have to wait and manually look for it in m-c). It also complicates things like uplifting since finding the commits after the fact is hard.

If a Servo PR (i.e. a servo-vcs-sync hg commit) mentions "closes bug foo" or "fixes bug foo" in the body, we should probably have pulsebot notice it and ping the bug (and close it when it hits m-c). Alternatively, have servo-vcs-sync put bug numbers in the title if specified in the PR body in some standardized way.
There are multiple requests in this bug. Since it is filed in the Pulse component, let's track Pulse changes here.

If you standardize on a commit message format for denoting Bugzilla bugs, file a Servo VCS Sync bug to request changes to how the Mercurial commit message is formed.

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2 years ago
The commit-message stuff isn't necessary if Pulse can pick it up directly from the body, I'm just not sure how these things fit together.
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