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Yandex is no longer accessible in Ukraine


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According to the government's decision aimed to block operations of many Russian companies in Ukraine, all Yandex services are no longer available.
Here is the full list of blocked entities -

Currently, there is still Yandex search engine available in Firefox among others.

Since it doesn't work anymore it has to be replaced with some other.
At this time Yandex is no longer the default engine in the Ukraine, so the only users affected are users who have chosen to use Yandex (either outside of the Ukraine, or by using a VPN).  As with including Google in zh-CN builds despite Google services being blocked by mainland China, we generally err on the side of including an engine for users to use if they choose.

Is there an alternative you wish to propose?
We had the discussion on our Facebook group regarding this topic and most of the users would prefer to replace Yandex with any other well-known search provider. As one of agreed example was Bing, because of its support on the Ukrainian market and available Ukrainian web page.

So the most preferred replacement is Bing.
The Ukrainian Community would like to follow up this issue.
Please take into account that circumstances of blocking Yandex in Ukraine are quite different from blocking Google in China.

If you take a look at the Dataviz reports for Ukrainian locale of Firefox Desktop in the countries outside Ukraine, the percentage is only a little bit above zero. So the users who might be affected by not distributed Yandex optional search engine with direct access (without VPN) is quite low.

Also, the popularity of Yandex search around the world is less than 1% (according to StatCounter reports for 2018).
We can remove Yandex from the Ukranian version of Firefox. We will revisit if the status of Yandex in the Ukraine changes.

And adding Bing is fine.
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Bug 1402674 - Remove Yandex from Ukrainian (uk) locale, add Bing
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