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Khmer Unicode Renders Incorrectly using macOS system fonts


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Steps to reproduce:

Browse to a Khmer website (like )

Actual results:

The title bar will not render Khmer correctly in Firefox on Mac OS Sierra

Expected results:

Khmer should render correctly as it does in Chrome and Safari
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Product: Firefox → Core
Normally, for complex-script fonts on macOS, we route the shaping through Core Text so that Apple's AAT fonts will work properly. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a good option for the Khmer fonts they're now shipping, which also have OpenType layout tables; we'll do better to allow harfbuzz to handle them.
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Summary: Khmer Unicode Renders Incorrectly → Khmer Unicode Renders Incorrectly using macOS system fonts
Hmm, I wonder if this is actually another example like bug 1370927, where the AAT fonts require an "unexpected" feature to be enabled in order to shape correctly. I'll do a quick experiment to check that; if so, that would probably be the better workaround to apply.
Yep, this appears to fix the Khmer rendering, just like the Indic split-vowel cases. Sad, but at least it's simple.
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Prefer HarfBuzz shaping over Core Text for the macOS Khmer fonts that include both AAT and OpenType Layout tables, as the latter seem to work better

Obsoleting this patch; I think the fix in gfxCoreTextShaper is a better approach, as it means we're using the same rendering path for these fonts as Apple does in their own software.
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For Khmer AAT fonts, enable the Line Initial Smart Swashes feature, which is (incorrectly) required for some vowels to render properly. r=jrmuizel
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