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Pulse warning emails mention exchange "could not be determined"


(Webtools :: Pulse, enhancement, P5)



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(Reporter: rail, Assigned: kofishmalofi, Mentored)


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Warning: your queue "queue/buildbot-bridge/log_uploaded" on exchange "could not be determined" is
overgrowing (3216 ready messages, 4001 total messages).

The queue will be automatically deleted when it exceeds 20000 messages.

Make sure your clients are running correctly and are cleaning up unused
durable queues.
Mentor: dustin
Priority: -- → P5
Whiteboard: [lang=python]

I'm in!

Awesome! So, I think the first bit is to figure out where this message is generated, and then work backward.

Assignee: nobody → kofishmalofi

Seems like it is in the same location as the PR I did earlier today. In pulseguardian/, in the function warning_email, Line 266. Seem strange? Dig deeper?

btw, I am not able to login with github at the link that was put in the earlier PR ->
I get an 500 Internal Server Error. I did get the email about OAuth authorization for Mozilla for my github account prior to my attempt. Was there something else I should have done?


That sounds like another bug! Would you file that in bugzilla with some details of how you logged in and what the result is? I was able to reproduce it with a test github account, so you're not alone :)

That doesn't seem terribly strange, since that's what sends the email. The key is to trace backward in the code to see where it gets the value for the exchange name from, and figure out why that's not working. It may help to set up a local run of the application and try to test some of the functions that _exchange_from_queue is calling. You might also set up the testing environment for the application and find the test which exercises this code. There are some instructions in the README for both of those.

As with the last bug you worked on, I'm not terribly familiar with this code so my advice is what I would do in this situation -- I don't actually know the answers!

Will file the bug.

RE: this bug, I will only be able to get to it next weekend. Sorry. If you need to reassign it, I understand. I will be able to get to it next weekend. Moving across state lines to get to an internship, I know TMI :)

That's OK - thanks for letting me know!

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