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Require cargo-vendor 0.1.12 to avoid .cargo-ok churn when vendoring


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During the import of bug 1403048, 'mach vendor rust' generated a huge amount of churn due to the .cargo-ok files being deleted and removed from the associated .cargo-checksum.json file.

This seems to have been caused by a change in cargo-vendor 0.1.12 ( that excludes these files from the vendored source directory.

We should probably make cargo-vendor 0.1.12 the minimum version for 'mach vendor rust' to avoid additional cycles of add/remove churn of these files.
When I do the import of bug 1404678, I noticed the same issue. I think we should bump the requirement.
Note that, if we do this, we may want to uplift it and do revendor in beta as well, otherwise it could make uplifting some patches involving revendoring more confusing.

Also given that cargo-vendor changes its behavior every now and then, which can cause the result to fluctuate, we probably want to ping a specific version of cargo-vendor somehow, rather than relying on whatever version happens to be installed in the system.
I mean, pin a specific version.
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Bug 1403407 - Require cargo-vendor 0.1.12 to remove .cargo-ok.
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Require cargo-vendor 0.1.12 to remove .cargo-ok. r=gps
This would also need vcs-sync to upgrade its cargo-vendor, I think.
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thanks xidorn; i've manually reinstalled cargo-vendor, now running v0.1.12
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