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Error messages prefixed with numbers when running mochitests through mach


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Basically the same as bug 1400181 but for mach and not mozharness:

> 1 ERROR Automation Error: Received unexpected exception while running application
Gregory, do you have an idea where this could come from when running the mochitests via mach? I see that mochitests are enabling unstructured output via enable_unstructured() for colored output. But even when I comment out this line, I still see those index numbers.
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I don't know for certain.

In the following line:

[task 2017-09-15T05:03:22.628Z] 05:03:22    ERROR -  1 ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | leakcheck | ...

|-----------------------------| |------|    |--------| |---| |-------
        run-task                 mozharness  likely mh  mh     test harness

I can't think of where mach itself would insert a single digit integer. It would have to be in the mach command. My guess is the multiple layers used to invoke the test harnesses are attempting to perform the same reporting and this is leading to some kind of redundant output or something.
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