Open Bug 1403681 Opened 2 years ago

Use the "nightly" builds for Beta on AWFY


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On Beta, we currently build both tc(B) and tc(N) builds for all platforms. These builds are 100% identical from a configuration standpoint (they use the exact same mozconfig) with the only difference being that the "nightly" builds are what eventually get promoted into release builds.

I did verify locally that the builds are indeed identical from a performance standpoint as expected.
	tc(B)	tc(N)
	63.42	63.36
	63.20	63.26
	63.80	63.75
	63.74	63.71
	63.35	63.65
mean	63.50	63.55
std dev	0.258	0.221

There's been some discussion about eventually turning off the redundant tc(B) jobs on Beta for this reason to save resources, so it would be good if we could ensure that AWFY is using the tc(N) jobs to avoid any hiccups if/when that happens.

I wouldn't call it urgent by any means, but it would be good to do at some point when convenient before it becomes a fire drill because we forget to notify people when the change actually happens.
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