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Stress testing open/close Inspector is slow to show markup & data


(DevTools :: Inspector, defect, P2)

57 Branch


(firefox57 fix-optional)

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firefox57 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: Harald, Unassigned)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


Tested on with a MBP.


Testing this with bgrins, the profile shows overhead of CSS parsing. The files are not large, so there is no reason to be slow.
In this case it looks like the parsing is being done on the server.
There, it would be possible to use the platform's CSS lexer.  That might help somewhat.
The only real difficulty here is that the shared code can't solely rely on this,
as it might also be used on the client.

The other question is whether, maybe, it makes sense to cache the parsed
form in the styles actor.
Priority: -- → P2
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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