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Preallocate the display list buffer to a reasonable size.


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Preallocate the display list buffer to a reasonable size

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::: gfx/webrender_bindings/src/
@@ +1077,3 @@
>          WebRenderFrameBuilder {
>              root_pipeline_id: root_pipeline_id,
> +            dl_builder: webrender_api::DisplayListBuilder::with_capacity(root_pipeline_id, content_size, capacity),

I'd slightly prefer if we used the old ::new function instead of ::with_capacity in the case where capacity==0 here. It seems not so great to explicitly initialize the vec with zero capacity for the cases where we pass 0, because those cases really mean "we don't know what size to use", not "we will actually never put anything in here". If we start with zero capacity for the former cases it seems like we're going to do extra reallocations when we could just start with a small-but-nonzero capacity and save some reallocs.

Of course this change would only help if we modified the upstream DisplayListBuilder::new impl to not pass 0 to with_capacity, but instead pass some small-but-nonzero default value.

I don't feel strongly about this, leaving it to you.
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Also, if you're going to land this soonish, please land it on autoland because otherwise it will conflict with my layers-full deletion patches.
By convention ::new() is expected to behave ~identically to ::with_capacity(0). I think if we want to do minimum sizing we should handle that in the client, since gecko/servo don't necessarily agree on the issue.
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Preallocate the display list buffer to a reasonable size. r=kats
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This conflicted with my merge to m-c (which included changes from bug 1391816, touching a lot of similar files), so I backed this out to get things merged. Feel free to rebase and reland whenever.

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Preallocate the display list buffer to a reasonable size. r=kats
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