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Add ability to run only certain pytest subtests to |mach python-test|


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Right now you can only select a file to run, not individual test functions within the file. Pytest has this ability, but there is no way to pass that information on from |mach python-test|.
From bug 1339178

(In reply to Dave Hunt (:davehunt) from comment #18)
> I'm not sure how best to achieve this, as we're matching the paths up with
> the manifests and then running the test files in separate python processes.
> We'd need to preserve everything after the module path, and then pass this
> to the process to use as an argument for mozunit so it can reconcile them in
> the pytest invocation. Another option might be to allow for a command line
> option for the node id, but we'll still need to somehow pass this through to
> mozunit. The issue here is that it would be applied against all test paths,
> so you wouldn't be able to specify multiple node ids. See
> tests for more information on specifying node ids in pytest.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1517251
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