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New input source for short-lived projects


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Mozilla has a bunch of short-lived projects that need to be translated in some locales. At the moment, those do not use Pontoon, and are translated via other means. We want to change that and have those projects be in Pontoon. The main reasons for that are: 

 * to benefit from Pontoon's translation features
 * to make it easier to retrieve previous translations and reuse them
 * to make it easier for product managers to track those translations

The problem is that the strings for those projects do not live in VCS. So they would not be synchronized with any repo, and would live only in Pontoon's database. We thus need to A. provide a way to import those strings into Pontoon and B. provide a way to export those strings in a convenient format. 

This bug covers completing the first iteration of this work, which consists in creating a minimum viable product with the basic features:

1. create a new project and import new strings into it with a text input
    - the input is separated into strings on new line characters
    - once there are strings, we show an interface that allows, for each string, to edit it, add a comment, or delete that string
2. add a button to export all translations into a CSV file
    - that button is available from the project page
    - the CSV file will contain a column for the source string and one column for each locale it has been translated into. Each row has a string and all its translations

The document which was used to draft this feature is here:
Mock of the admin UI, by Matjaz.
After the MVP, we should consider syncing the data to a repo, perhaps as XLIFF.
Commit pushed to master at
Fix bug 1407623 - New source input for short-term projects (#745)

* Fixes bug 1407623 - Add direct input for projects with no repository.
This is the first step of allowing a new source of strings for projects. It permits to create projects without any repositories, and to enter string in a textarea. This commit also enables string management, to edit source strings and comments.

* Re-styling for coherence with general code.

* Added a button to download all translations as CSV.

* Enable strings management only for projects with no repository.

* Enable adding new strings. Better UI and styles.

* Fix small issues.

* Add a data_source field to projects, choices being repository or database.
This allows to explicitely mark projects for which we want to manage strings in Pontoon as "database". It makes the logic of showing the manage strings page clearer.

This commit also adds a textarea on the project creation page, allowing users to send the first batch of strings directly during the creation, instead of having to go to the manage strings page afterwards. The links move around a bit as well.

* Better link names.

* Hide repositories when data source is database.

* Add option to remove a string. Rename path to "database" from "all". Fix conflict on migration.

* Do not run sync on database sourced projects.

* Restore section padding

* Move textarea label to top for consistency. Use semantic HTML. Remove en-US note (true for all projects)

* Data Source and Strings sections in a single line

* Use example in Placeholder to avoid duplicating the label

* Separate page action (New string) from navigation buttons

* I doubt this action is needed on this page and I dont like duplicating functionality. Feel free to revert if you disagree.

* Adding action to the Action button

* White space is nice

* use plural for new strings placeholder.
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