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Talos could optionaly provide JS code coverage


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Fetching code coverage for Javascript is easy now. It works on all the Firefoxes, without any special pref/build flag.

An helper module is available here:

var CoverageCollector = Cu.import("resource://testing-common/CoverageUtils.jsm", {}).CoverageCollector;
var coverageCollector = new CoverageCollector("/absolute/path/where/to/put/coverage/");

// Start recording
// the purpose of testName isn't clear, may be it is only displayed in the final record

// Stop profiling and save to file

So. May be we can bundle this module into talos addons and have JS code coverage?
We have a lot to complete in October, adding this to our list we can keep track of it and start experimenting with a solution
Whiteboard: [PI:October]
Whiteboard: [PI:October]
Switch this to the codecoverage project.  To be done only if we have faster coverage.
Component: Talos → Code Coverage
Priority: -- → P3
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