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Mismatch between ./mach artifact toolchain Proguard install location and location expected by build system


(Firefox Build System :: Android Studio and Gradle Integration, defect)

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I ran |./mach artifact toolchain -v --from-build proguard-jar| as instructed by Nick's e-mail [1]. This has installed Proguard into my source checkout, however if I then attempt to build, the build system seems to be looking for Proguard within my .mozbuild directory and consequently cannot find anything:
> ERROR: proguard.jar 5.3.3 or higher is required (looked for /home/jan/.mozbuild/proguard/lib/proguard.jar). Run |mach artifact install --from-build proguard-jar| or add `export PROGUARD_JAR=/path/to/proguard.jar` to your mozconfig.

Version: Firefox 57 → Trunk
gps: glandium: |mach artifact toolchain| installs into $CWD, which makes sense for automation but is a hassle for local developers.  We could improve this by adding a `--cwd` option to the mach command, and

- making the default be install into MOZBUILD_STATE_PATH, and using --cwd in automation
- keeping the existing default and using --cwd locally
- sniffing MOZ_AUTOMATION (or TASKCLUSTER_*, or ...) to determine the behaviour

I would prefer the first option, since I think that developer ergonomics beats out automation, and that automation should stop putting stuff in the topsrcdir every task (slowing down checkouts, which need to purge, and generally being awkward).  Do you have a strong opinion?
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I'd go with the third option. There are too many places that call mach artifact toolchain for automation, it's a PITA to change them all.
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I'd sniff MOZ_AUTOMATION as well.

Alternatively, we could change the mozbuild state path resolution to point to somewhere under CWD or relative to topsrcdir if MOZ_AUTOMATION is set. Basically accomplishes the same thing.
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This is no longer needed after
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox Build System
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