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Android should limit the number of tabs synced.


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Upon further thinking after the audit in bug 1407438, I can't actually make Fennec respect the limit for synced tabs, since there's no logic similar to how Desktop limits the number of tabs we sync. 

Specifically, in Desktop, this code[0] makes an effort to ensure that we aren't going to send too many tabs to actually sync, and limit it to how many we'd successfully be able to send.

Androids equivalent[1] (or [2] depending on how you squint) doesn't do any similar checks, and so will just outright fail to post the record if too many tabs are open.



Bob, is it possible for you to determine from the server logs how many android devices are attempting to post records to the "tabs" collection which are rejected for being too large?
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(In reply to Mark Hammond [:markh] from comment #1)
Yes.  How much data are you looking for?
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Bob, Thom and I discussed in IRC and it seems that neither the server logs nor client telemetry are able to help us here :( Given we know this *could* happen and were just looking for evidence it doesn't happen often enough to justify the work, sadly I think this means we should probably just do it.
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