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Enable dotted and dashed border support for wr in gecko side


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According to Bug 1396491 comment 8, there will be some failure in the crashtest while dotted and dashed border are enabled.
We should find the root cause and fix it.

See Also: → 1396491
The main reason of the timeout failure in the crashtest is the missing DidComposite messages.
The content process didn't received DidComposite messages after the animaton was started so the system always made the early return in nsRefreshDriver::Tick[1] which caused the timeout.

So the real problem happened in large-border-radius-dashed.html[1].
When we try to render a border with really large border-radius and styled-border, it takes lots of time to render it, Webrender draws nothing since that test case and the test framework finally gets failure in 1319072-1.html[2] due to the timeout since there is a reftest-wait in it.

In gecko, there is a mechanism to handle this situation which is draw the solid border instead[3]. But that solution is a little weird to me.

The following is my suggestion about this bug:
(1) Implement the same mechanism(like [3]) in Webrender.
(2) Mark fails-if to these crashtest and enable the styled-border in this bug since that's a rare case and open a following bug to discuss if there are other solutions to this.

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I choose option 2.
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Bug 1409243 - Enable dotted and dashed border support for webrender;
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Enable dotted and dashed border support for webrender; r=ethlin
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