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Transferring message from marketing:


With the upcoming Firefox 57 for Android release, we will be updating the in product screenshots of our app store screenshots.

You can find the current app store screenshots here:


(Please ensure you are going to the correct page for your locale)

We are only replacing the in product screenshots, 1:1 with the existing.

Locales required for approval: zh-cn, RU, PT-PT, PT-BR, JA, IT, ID, FR, ES-MX, DE

Deadline: 10/29/17

In product screenshot can be found here: 


Please let me know if anything looks wrong, otherwise please close the bug as Resolved-fixed to indicate your sign-off.
Also, please note the "Firefox Beta" is wrong in the Privacy image - that will be fixed. thanks!
¡Hola, Delphine!

I can't see any es-MX folder in drive, but es-ES and es-US.
Is any of those targeted directly or as a fallback to Mexican market?
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¡Hola Mauricio! 
Hey good catch, because es-ES wasn't even listed in the locales required for approvals although it's there! :/
yeah, we fallback to es-MX when they ask for es-US.
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Hey Mauricio, deadline is creeping up so putting this back on your radar :D thanks!
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Hola de nuevo,

Android es-US screenshots are not consistent; some of there are even totally in English.
It would be better to replace them with the es-ES version, which are way better.
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Thanks Mauricio! Adding this to feedback for Mike. I agree it would make much more sense!
I tried to replace them on the shared folder, but it seems I have no grants to do that.

Once we do taht, I'll have no problem to sign-off and mark it as fixed :)
Ah, that's not how it works :) Marketing has to do that on their side I think. I've flagged Mike about this in the meta bug! thanks though! :D


This, closing. Thanks again Mauricio!
Last Resolved: 24 days ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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