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It is difficult to determine which crash pings are from ShutDownKill


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crash pings contain a lot of information, some of which is surfaced in crash_summary. Whether the ping describes a shutdownkill[1] is not something that's easy to tell.

:gsvelto noted that the stackTraces.crash_info.type field would be EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT for shutdownkill. This could be added to crash_summary.

However, it's _just_ generic enough that I don't feel comfortable doing so. 

In contrast, "main" pings (serving the content_shutdown_crash counts to crash_aggregates and error_aggregates) have a direct line to shutdownkill via SUBPROCESS_KILL_HARD/ShutDownKill. Crash Stats has a similar direct annotation with ipc_channel_error=ShutDownKill.

Crash pings deserves its own direct line to determine if it is describing this common (and usually ignorable) kind of crash.

(Perhaps we just need to whitelist[2][3] ipc_channel_error so it is included in crash pings' metadata? Then crash_summary gets it for "free")

Whitelisting 'ipc_channel_error' should be trivial but it requires a data review.
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bug 1410143 - Whitelist ipc_channel_error for crash pings data-r?rweiss

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bug 1410143 - Whitelist ipc_channel_error for crash pings data-r?rweiss

LGTM with two nits:
* Add documentation for the new field in toolkit/components/telemetry/docs/data/crash-ping.rst
* Add a check in to verify that the new field is indeed being stored into the ping
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:chutten Can you fill out this form ( and include in this bug, either as a gist link, a text file, or as a comment?
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Data Collection Review Form

1. These will be added to crash pings.  I assume this means they will follow standard Telemetry documentation standards.
2. Yes, people can opt out via data preferences and they are not required to submit crash reports.
3. Yes, chutten will be.
4. Category 1.
5. Default off, but data can be submitted via all channels and countries and locales.
6. No new identifiers.
7. Yes, this is covered.
8. A check in is not needed.
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Whitelist ipc_channel_error for crash pings data-r?rweiss r=gsvelto
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