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I see that testing::web-platform-tests does not have a triage owner, we need to assign one


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Not set





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I assume this is :jgraham, but it could be someone else?
would you be the contact/triage person for all testing::web-platform-test bugs.  We shouldn't have test cases assigned to this component, just test harness or other unknown issues
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I don't know what a triage owner is.
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almost every bugzilla component has a triage owner:

this is someone that is a way for someone to contact a real person.  That real person doesn't have to fix the issues, but they should know enough about the component to answer questions and ensure any issues get in front of the right person.  Likewise helping set priority on issues as they come in.

This is important as we have a large team of people who are working on sheriffing and triaging intermittents- they are all 100% new to Mozilla and don't know to ping :jgraham when there is a web-platform-tests harness related issue.
I mean that's defacto true, so sure I can be added to that page if it doesn't imply anything other than "point of contact".
:emceeaich, if there are other needs related to triage owner can you spell them out.  Assuming I have accurately portrayed this, can you add :jgraham as the triage owner for testing::web-platform-tests ?
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That description is good, :jmaher, and I've put in :jgraham as the triage lead. Thank you!
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