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Toolbarbutton not white in titlebar when disabled


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Thunderbird 58.0


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When you have a toolbarbutton in the titlebar, for example the Chat button and have the chat tab selected, the button icon isn't white but light grey.

This comes from the toolkit rule where the disabled toolbarbutton get the GrayText color. We need to override this.
Always, also when disabled, inherit the color from toolbar.
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Another review which I don't understand :-(
"have a toolbarbutton in the titlebar"?? How do I do that? I managed to put the chat button into the menubar with customise. Then, with the chat tab active, that button is faintly grey, with the patch it's still grey, but maybe a bit darker.

I've never seen a white button. So please include STR and a screenshot.
You need drawInTitlebar and a dark titlebar color. You can in customize mode move buttons beside the Lightning buttons.
I'd say this is wrong then? The chat button is almost invisible, certainly not white.
Yes, it should be white and because it's disabled a bit transparent. Not the focus of this bug but the chat button shouldn't be disabled, when the main tab isn't focused, to better show when a new chat message waits.
Well, I see no difference with and without the patch. So comment #0 talks about white and light grey, but I see very dark grey for a disabled chat button, maybe due to white + transparency on black background, but it's exactly the same with a current Daily. How do I see the difference due to the patch?
A black background wouldn't be optimal to see a difference. Maybe try try a red or green background. Then the icon should not be grey but a lighter red or green. With my blue titlebar Without patch I see almost no icon without the patch.
Attached image with and without.png
No difference, with or without the patch on Win7. Please attach a screenshot since I've spent way too much time on this already.
Attached image chat-win10.png
Above without and below with patch
OK, and on Win7?
Attached image chat-win7-classic.png
Win7 Aero and Basic are not possible to change the window color that TB uses white icons. With Classic I got this one. Again without patch is above, with patch below.
Attached image Classic.png
I'm not sure what's happening, but Classic has a gradient and the patch makes no difference. To get a bar without gradient, I need to use a high contrast theme and there again is no difference as you can see in attachment 8920909 [details].

I can rs the patch, but I'd prefer to see some action. Do I have to build in Win10 for that?
(In reply to Jorg K (GMT+2) from comment #12)
> ... and the patch makes no difference.
That's not quite true. With classic and high contrast the colour difference is #110 or #111 or something equally unnoticeable.
In Classic mode choose color settings, then click on the titlebat of the sample in the dialog. Now you see 1. color and 2. color where you can set both titlebar colors.
Attached image Classic2.png
I managed to get rid of the gradient. The colours identical with and without the patch.
Okay, checked deeper. On Win 7 Classic I had no build with the patch and I only changed the rules in inspector and fell in a trap. Win 7 Classic has already a inherit rule.

But now I have the solution: In your Basic theme, change the titlebar text color to red for example and test again.
In the Basic theme you can't change those colours:

So I need to build on Windows 10, right? Classic and the high contrast themes derived from it don't show any difference.
Comment on attachment 8920872 [details] [diff] [review]

I've spent far too much time with this. I won't spend another hour building on Win10. I hope the screen shots for Win10 are real and not some trickery in the inspector. On Windows 7 there is absolutely now way to see any difference.

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Attached image win7-Basic-red.png
Then, I'm doing something wrong. It's possible.
Win10 is real. Thanks for the endurance testing it.
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(In reply to Richard Marti (:Paenglab) from comment #19)
> But now I have the solution: In your Basic theme, change the titlebar ***text***(!!!)
> color to red for example and test again.
OK, I can see the effect now when changing the text colour. I tried to change the titlebar colour itself.
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Let the .toolbarbutton-1 always inherit the color from toolbar. r=jorgk
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