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Open page "" shows "You're trying to create a new page."


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:: Developer Documentation Request

      Request Type: Correction
     Gecko Version: 56 Branch
 Technical Contact: 

:: Details

[1] Visits
[2] Right click "Channels" link (under "Community and support" of left sidebar)
[3] Open Link in New Tab, which the link is
[4] It will redirect to
[5] It shows:
You're trying to create a new page.

Creating a new page is a restricted action. To request a new page, please file a bug. If you need permission to create new pages, please contact us.

You are more likely to be granted permission to create new pages if you:

    Tell us your MDN username.
    Tell us why you'd like to create new pages (Are you documenting a new feature? What feature? Is there a glossary term you’d like to add? What term?).
    Have made some good edits to existing pages.
    Have been contributing to the site for a while.
This is a bug in the macro used to build the sidebar. I've filed to track it.
Hi, I see the changes which "Legacy_add_ons" category has been removed too, but now I found very strange behavior  in that page, e.g.

Getting started -> What are extensions? -> "Legacy addons" category gone.

Getting started -> your first extension ->"Legacy addons" category re-appear. (And Channel link in new tab will not found.)

Getting started -> Your second extension -> "Legacy addons" category gone.
Getting started -> Anatomy of an extension -> "Legacy addons" category re-appear.

Getting started -> Example extensions -> "Legacy addons" category gone.

... etc
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Closed: 5 months ago
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