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Use ovr_WaitToBeginFrame, ovr_BeginFrame and ovr_EndFrame instead of ovr_SubmitFrame for Oculus VR frame submission


(Core :: WebVR, enhancement)

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(Reporter: kip, Assigned: kip)



ovr_SubmitFrame has been deprecated in the Oculus 1.19 SDK and replaced with ovr_WaitToBeginFrame, ovr_BeginFrame and ovr_EndFrame.

These new functions give more control over the render loop and when the thread should block for precise timing.

We should use these new functions before continuing work on Bug 1384279.
I'm eagerly awaiting the resolution of Bug 1384279, which depends on this bug and Bug 1407423. Now that the latter has been resolved, is it possible to get this bug and Bug 1384279 fixed in time for the Firefox 59 release?

Customers get really confused when we at the one hand tell them to use Firefox for production ready WebVR, but on the other hand tell them they have to do this extensive workaround with closing down and restarting Oculus Home and Firefox all time for it to work on the Oculus Rift.

Thanks for all your hard work!
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