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Assertion failure: (!animation.originTime().IsNull() && animation.startTime().type() == MaybeTimeDuration::TTimeDuration) || animation.isNotPlaying() (If we are playing, we should have an origin time and a start time), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/sr


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This appears to be just a mismatch between the condition we use for setting the origin time (has a timeline with a resolved current time) and the condition we use for determining if we are playing or not (has a timeline or not).

In this specific case, we end up with an animation with a timeline but where the timeline returns null from ToTimeStamp. Presumably because either there is no navigation timing object or because its navigationstart timestamp is null. That's not surprising given its the DocumentTimeline associated with this document:

  (new DOMParser).parseFromString('', 'text/html');

So I think we probably just want to fix that mismatch, perhaps by marking animations without an originTime as "not playing" when we send them to the compositor.
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Bug 1411318 - Don't consider an animation playing if its timeline is inactive;
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Thanks for the quick review!
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Don't consider an animation playing if its timeline is inactive; r=hiro
(In reply to Brian Birtles (:birtles) from comment #8)
> Thanks for the quick review!

I did look at the patch in the try. :)
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