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Update csd.proto to support login reputation


(Toolkit :: Safe Browsing, enhancement, P2)




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Login reputation will send lookup request to remote server to find out if a password field belongs to a phishing site.

The lookup request/response is defined in latest csd.proto.
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Bug 1411861 - Update csd.proto to support login reputation.

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> +Bug 1411861 - Update csd.proto to support login reputation. r?francois
> +

I would suggest adding a link to the upstream source for the file so that we can easily refer to it in the future if we need to:

::: toolkit/components/reputationservice/chromium/chrome/common/safe_browsing/
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>  // Generated by the protocol buffer compiler.  DO NOT EDIT!
> -// source: csd.proto
> +// source: chromium/chrome/common/safe_browsing/csd.proto
> -#include "csd.pb.h"
> +#include "chromium/chrome/common/safe_browsing/csd.pb.h"

That line shouldn't change.

The reason why it did is because I forgot to update the regeneration script here the last time I updated this.

Basically, we need to `cd` into the directory where the `.proto` file is before running `protoc`:

If you fix the script and re-run it, the generated files should look right.

Given the size of these changes, it's also probably worth splitting the changes to the script in a separate commit that would come before the big one.
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Bug 1411861 - Update csd.proto to support login reputation.
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Bug 1411861 - Regenerate & csd.pb.h.

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> +Bug 1411861 - Update & csd.pb.h. r?francois

nit: I would say "regenerate" instead of "update" to make it clear that it's a mechanical process
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Update csd.proto to support login reputation. r=francois
Regenerate & csd.pb.h. r=francois
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