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Steps to reproduce:

1. Set up apache with multiple vHosts on the same machine. So, externally, 
 https://a.example.com    #Site A
 https://b.example.com    #Site B - completely unrelated to site A.
are both hosted on the same server.

2. On that server, we want to get a screenshot of site B, but we need to access it as localhost (because, say, the DNS for A and B is external, and we are behind HAProxy).  So we do:

  firefox --screenshot out.jpg http://localhost/file.html

Actual results:

3. Depending on how Apache is set up, a connection to localhost will return either site A or site B. This is not necessarily what we want!

Expected results:

It would be nice to have a --host flag, which allows us, if the site is localhost, to specify which vHost we actually mean. 

For example, wkhtmltopdf supports:
  --custom-header 'Host' 'b.example.com'

There are several reasons why we may require this approach:
(a) If we are on a production server, but the webserver only can do a DNS lookup for localhost (e.g. we are behind a proxy or firewall)
(b) If we are the dev site for a production server, where in fact, the DNS needs to point at the dev site - localhost is therefore a safer config choice for code which may run on both dev and prod.
Severity: normal → enhancement
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Flagging Harald to triage.
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So far not many more signals and this isn't parity. We'll include this in future planning around automation.
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