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Some Android test crashes are caused by aborts, but no reason is logged


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If a test harness job hangs or runs for too long, the harness may abort the job, causing a crash. In these cases, the harness logs the reason for the abort, takes a screenshot, kills Firefox, and collects and reports the crash.

Recently, I see tests failing exactly like this, except the cause of the abort is not logged, and not apparent.

For instance, bug 1412223: A screenshot was taken, the crash was caused by SIGABRT, but there is no sign of a hang or a timeout.
Logs show "mozdevice ERROR" a few seconds earlier.
See Also: → 1319196
A minor tweak to how we wait for the remote browser: I'm hoping the retry will make an infrequent failure practically non-existent. Since failures are typically 60 second timeouts, I am reluctant to retry more than once.
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retry getTopActivity, explain kill

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this looks fairly safe
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Retry devicemanager getTopActivity once; r=jmaher
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Duplicate of this bug: 1364750
Duplicate of this bug: 1319196
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