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Switch services.* code to use HttpsURLConnection


(Firefox for Android :: Android Sync, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: Grisha, Unassigned)



Example of an API transition of the favicons code: Bug 1254089. We'll gain SNI support and make very good progress towards entirely removing ch.boye stuff from the codebase.

I imagine the work to be mostly mechanical. Surface area involved is not very large. Mainly we're looking at transitioning FxAccountClient, Token server, and Sync storage classes.

This is likely a good time to also re-asses which cipher suits we're using, a la another round of Bug 1061273.
See Also: → 1410406
Duplicate of this bug: 765064
N.B., test on the full range of supported Android versions -- supported cipher suites have changed over time.

I believe you can pass an SSLFactory to control which suites are used in HttpsURLConnection. If we can, it would be good to keep them the same; this will reduce the chances of error.

Be on the lookout for keepalive/pooling behavior, correct proxying (, and lack of response buffering.
Priority: -- → P3
Duplicate of this bug: 1454989
Duplicate of this bug: 1521079
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