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fill in missing bugzilla_components


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we have 4 files that show up in missing.json in the bugzilla job on treeherder:
0	"npm-shrinkwrap.json"
1	"package.json"
2	"testing/mach_commands.pyc"
3	"testing/web-platform/"
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associate the last few files in tree to bugzilla components

Review of attachment 8923491 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: testing/
@@ +8,5 @@
>  with Files("*.py"):
>      BUG_COMPONENT = ("Testing", "General")
> +with Files("*.pyc"):
> +    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Testing", "General")

Eh? We should *never* have a .pyc file checked into the repo (assuming it is a Python .pyc file).

::: testing/web-platform/
@@ +30,5 @@
>          'web-platform-tests-wdspec',
>      ]
> +with Files(""):
> +    BUG_COMPONENT = ("Core", "Build Config") files belong to the component they are part of. I think this should be Testing :: web-platform-tests.
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thanks for the review, I have addressed the 2 items.
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fill in missing bugzilla_components. r=gps
unfortunately doing |with Files("*")| covers all files in all subdirs, for example the webdriver stuff is pending in a patch, but shows:
$ ./mach file-info bugzilla-component testing/webdriver/**
Testing :: General

If I remove the |with Files("*"):| in testing/, I get this:
elvis@JMAHER-WIN10 ~/mozilla-inbound
$ ./mach file-info bugzilla-component testing/webdriver/**

We added this statement to cover mach_commands.pyc, I think it is incorrect as now any new files coming into web-platform-tests, etc. will show up as testing::general and when bugs are filed (i.e. intermittent-filer) they will be in testing::general instead of being a flag to ask questions as we have missing data.

:gps, I would like to change this so that we don't blanket all files into testing::general- do you have ideas on how to do that?
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Your shell expands "testing/webdriver/**" to "testing/webdriver/<all entries>/*". Put single quotes around "testing/webdriver/**" to avoid shell expansion. e.g.

  $ ./mach file-info bugzilla-component 'testing/webdriver/**'
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my point is that the testing/webdriver/ files are annotated with this patch in the bugzilla job as testing::general instead of unknown- Is it possible that our shell used for generating components.json and missing.json do the same thing?
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You can see from that the ** is single quoted. So, no, this shouldn't impact automation. Although I wouldn't be surprised if there were a quoting bug.

I would create a dedicated mach sub-command to do exactly what we want for automation to eliminate this class of failure. We'll probably want to do that anyway so a) we avoid a redundant read of all files b) we change the exit code to 1 to fail the task if there are files missing annotations.
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