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Odd warning in telemetry IPC code


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(Reporter: nika, Assigned: paul.bignier, Mentored)


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While reading some telemetry ipc code, I noticed this code where we check whether ipcActor is null, and issue a warning if it is, keep running, and then proceed to dereference the actor pointer anyway.

It seems to me that this should be changed to a MOZ_ASSERT.
It would be odd to not have valid values for these, they should be the singleton for the specific child process the code runs in.
MOZ_ASSERT() sounds good to me.

Chris, sounds good? Want to set it up as a mentored bug?
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Priority: -- → P2

To fix this bug, do as Nika says in comment#0: Replace the NS_WARN_IF line in SendAccumulatedData with a MOZ_ASSERT with a helpful message.
Mentor: chutten
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Telemetry: replace NS_WARN_IF with MOZ_ASSERT

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::: toolkit/components/telemetry/ipc/TelemetryIPCAccumulator.cpp
@@ +294,2 @@
>    if (histogramsToSend.Length()) {
> +    MOZ_ASSERT(ipcActor->SendAccumulateChildHistograms(histogramsToSend));

Please don't change these lines to MOZ_ASSERT. We only want to change line 293 to a MOZ_ASSERT, the other lines can still fail :-).
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Telemetry: replace NS_WARN_IF with MOZ_ASSERT

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Thanks :-)
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Telemetry: replace NS_WARN_IF with MOZ_ASSERT. r=mystor
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