Login in to Mozillians is restricted if you are singed in to 0auth



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18 days ago
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18 days ago
Following on Henrik's email today about linking my Mozilla LDAP account to my existing Mozillians account I tried to follow the steps outlined here:


The first problem is/was that if I click on the "Login" button on Mozillians.org I get redirected to 0auth login screen which highlights my Mozilla LDAP account (as I'm logged in to that).
So I didn't get presented with any other option to login. Definitely not with a screen which looks like the photo in the FAQ with email, github, etc.

Meanwhile I have figured out that if I open mozillians.org in private browsing mode 0auth at least shows me the option to login with email or LDAP.

But on the first attempt I simply clicked on the presented already logged in LDAP account, which resulted in an nohlmeier1 account getting created in Mozillians.org which should get deleted, because I don't want to use it.

The next problem after login in to my existing account on Mozillians.org from the private browsing mode, was that the "Profile Identities" section doesn't show up. But I hope that becomes available tomorrow, when the upgrade is finished.

So please delete the 'nohlmeier1' Mozillians account and explain properly how to navigate out of that mess when you are already logged in to your LDAP account with 0auth.
Hi :drno. Thanks for the feedback. I removed 'nohlmeier1' account from mozillians.org. Also we are updating the FAQ according to your suggestions.
Last Resolved: 17 days ago
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