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It would be a useful enhancement to be able to export address books from the
command line especially LDIF format.
eg mozilla -addressbook -export -format LDIF -output out.ldif

It would be even more useful if you could export the addressbook of another
computer across a network (Assuming you have access etc). I understand that this
would be more difficult.
eg mozilla -addressbook -export -format LDIF -output out.ldif -node <computername>
So if this was run on computer A, it would go to computer B and find the mozilla
addressbook and write it to the file specified (on the localhost A). 
So from a central location it would be possible to grab all the email addresses
everyone is using and stick them in a LDAP server so that everyone can use all
the email addresses - sort of like a global address book. Hey, here's an idea -
how about the collected email addresses get stuck into a LDAP server directly
(assuming correct access righs etc)? 

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13 years ago
allows sync with other programs and devices (palm pilot) 
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