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Update Widevine CDM to version (Windows, Mac, and Linux)


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We are planning to update the CDM to 1029, we've aware that Chrome canary has updated to

The detail will be provided once we verified the new CDM on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Hi Blake,

We would like your help to check with Google that they should put the CDM onto the specific server for us.

We target updating CDM on the early stage of gecko Nightly 59.

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Now, Chrome Canary and Chrome stable version are showing on Mac but not Windows.

We should ask them again for 1030 CDM.
(In reply to James Cheng[:JamesCheng] from comment #2)
> Now, Chrome Canary and Chrome stable version are showing on Mac
> but not Windows.
> We should ask them again for 1030 CDM.
Yeah. I sent out the email. Hopefully they will get back to us soon.
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Informed by Google that we should keep CDM in v.

The next version will be or greater.

Keep tracking!
Chrome Cannary on Mac and Windows have updated their CDM to .

I cannot watch Netflix with Firefox by the new CDM.

First, I need to fix the blocking issues then push out new CDM to Nightly users.
Summary: Update Widevine CDM to version 1029 (Windows, Mac, and Linux) → Update Widevine CDM to version (Windows, Mac, and Linux)
Depends on: 1420836
Depends on: 1422669
Hi jlorenzo,

According to Bug 1382882 comment 11, 

Could we get the "Bs" build in Mac platform also?

I tried

but there is not "Bs" in OSX but "Windows 2012 opt" had.

I want to do some internal verification which needs the "sig" files.

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James, in order to get a Bs job on try for mac, (for now) you need to run a nightly job on try.

lets use `./mach try fuzzy --full` for that, select "build-signing-macosx64-nightly/opt"

Note that this job will not produce a .dmg, if you need a .dmg for your tests you should use the same `fuzzy --full` command but select "repackage-macosx64-nightly/opt"

Hope that helps, feel free to reach out in #releng on irc or slack if you need more help. (or johan in person I suppose, I'm not in austin)
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Thank you so much!

I didn't know 'mach try' has such a secret usage......
The prerequisite patch for CDM has landed to central (gecko 59) and will soon be Beta next week.

We still cannot get any new CDM from Google Widevine team, once we get the new CDM, I will request a Balrog rule update.

Target CDM is
Bulk change of QA Contact to :jlund, per
QA Contact: catlee → jlund
Chrome has updated their CDM from 1.4.8.x to already.
Taking over this. I believe will will supersede this by moving to a later CDM and will resolve this bug accordingly should that happen.
Assignee: ayumiqmazaky → bvandyk
Bug 1475260 now supersedes this.
Closed: 4 years ago
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