change of github username not reflecting on my profile



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I'm sorry this didn't happen automatically. We should handle this automatically but that will take some time. 

Let's fix your link right now.

1) Check that you have the same verified email address on both GitHub and MDN.
2) Comment here after you have confirmed this.
3) I will disconnect MDN from your old GitHub account.
4) Next time you log in you will be asked to connect your MDN account to GitHub.
5) The new account connection will mean MDN has a new copy of all your GitHub data.

On MDN your email addresses are listed here:
And on GitHub your email addresses are listed here:
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This is similar to bug 1411300.  It is strange to get no requests like this, and then two in a month.

A few weeks ago we updated our auth library, django-allauth, from 0.24.1 to 0.33.0 (bug 1409423, mozilla/kuma#4469). It is possible GitHub user renames were working before the library update.

It could also be a mistake.  The reporters could be talking about a different website from MDN. We should close after some time with no response from the reporter.
See Also: → bug 1411300, bug 1409423
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