Open Bug 1414435 Opened 2 years ago Updated Last year

Remove `_defaultSort` from the bookmarks engine


(Firefox :: Sync, enhancement, P3)





(Reporter: lina, Unassigned)


(Depends on 1 open bug)


We only set `_defaultSort` to "index" in the bookmarks engine (, to fetch and apply toolbar bookmarks, folders, and frecent sites first.

Once bug 1305563 lands, the order of bookmark records won't matter, since we'll buffer everything before applying. Ryan also noted in bug 1368951, comment 4 that the Python server doesn't index on `sortindex`, so we might get a small efficiency boost from removing this and letting the server use whatever order it wants.
Priority: -- → P3
Hi @Kit. I'd like to be assigned to solve this bug. :)

what exactly I need to do in this?

replacement of 'defaultSort' with 'index'?
Flags: needinfo?(kit)
Hi Manish, thanks for your interest! This isn't quite ready to be worked on yet, because the old bookmarks engine still uses `_defaultSort: "index"`. We can remove `_defaultSort` after bug 1449730.
Depends on: 1449730
No longer depends on: 1305563
Flags: needinfo?(kit)
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