Calendar doesn't switch day/week/month whenever a new window is opened



a year ago
2 months ago


(Reporter: growl1, Unassigned)



Lightning 5.4.3




a year ago
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; Win64; x64; rv:56.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/56.0
Build ID: 20171024165158

Steps to reproduce:

I use Lightning 5.4.4

1. Open a mail via double-click (opens in a tab)
2. Open this tab (with the mail) in a new window
3. Close the window again

Actual results:

4. Lightning won't switch the day/week/month, if the cursor in the upper area is clicked

Additional: The error console throws a "currentView (... ) is undefined" error

Expected results:

5. Lightning should switch the day/week/month

Comment 1

5 months ago
growl, do you still see this when using a current version??
Flags: needinfo?(growl1)
Keywords: perf
Summary: Calendar freezes whenever a new window is opened → Calendar doesn't switch day/week/month whenever a new window is opened
Whiteboard: [closeme 2018-07-15]


5 months ago
Component: General → Calendar Views

Comment 2

5 months ago
Confirming with TB 52.8/Lightning 5.4.8 with the mentioned STR. From the error console:

>TypeError: currentView(...) is undefined[Weitere Informationen]  calendar-views.js:687:39
>    cal.navigationBar.setDateRange chrome://calendar/content/calendar-views.js:687:39
>    setDateRange chrome://calendar/content/calendar-month-view.xml:671:15
>    showDate chrome://calendar/content/calendar-month-view.xml:618:15
>    goToDay chrome://calendar/content/calendar-views.xml:240:11
>    moveView chrome://calendar/content/calendar-views.xml:267:15
>    calendarController.doCommand chrome://calendar/content/calendar-common-sets.js:397:17
>    goDoCommand chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js:100:7
>    oncommand chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul:1:1
>An error occurred executing the calendar_view_prev_command command: [snipping the above stack trace] globalOverlay.js:103
>    goDoCommand chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js:103:5
>    oncommand chrome://messenger/content/messenger.xul:1:1
Ever confirmed: true
Flags: needinfo?(growl1)
Whiteboard: [closeme 2018-07-15]


2 months ago
See Also: → bug 1402745
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